About Us

We love animals. We really do! And we love how animals make us feel too! At Lovingly Handmade Crochet HQ, we have all kinds of lovely furry things to comfort, entertain and love us, and we know that other people enjoy their pets in the same way.

This got us thinking – when a pet passes away, or when you LOVE your pet so much, but they don’t want to love you back with all the cuddles you can give them (I am thinking specifically of my mum’s cat right now!), wouldn’t it be nice to have something to snuggle with or admire and keep FUREVER? What pet owner doesn’t have the most beautiful and handsome pet that has ever walked the planet? We think so about ours, and know you all think the same about your pets.

It’s ok, everyone has to agree to disagree. Maybe your pet that has the most amazingly quirky ears, that gorgeous smile or those totally AMAZING markings… or you may just want to immortalise your pet forever with a cuddly toy plush version to look nice on your bed or shelf.

Perhaps a friend or family member is OBSESSED with their pet. Do they take their ‘fur-baby’ with them everywhere, constantly blocking up your Facebook or Instagram feed with their pet pictures, or entirely fill their phone with photographs of them and their furry bestie (this is Riccardo and George, our cat, by the way!)? Well, it would be the perfect gift for them for birthdays, Christmas’ or even just because.

That’s what we do here. We share in the love owners have for their pets and work with you to make a cuddly clone of your much-loved pet companion for you to do whatever you want with it.