Four Dogs and a Head

What a busy week again. Four dogs and a head. Another new breed that we have not done, this time a Bichon Frise which we had the pleasure of making a head for. The client collected in person and was over the moon. We also created a Pet Plush version of a Parsons Russell Terrier. All these created in the softest yarns. We have been busy with craft fairs as well but still have found the time to keep on creating these cuties.

Take a look below at our latest creations.

Pascha the Cockapoo

Four Dogs and a Head - Pascha the Cockapoo

Pascha the Cockapoo is a famous dog having appeared on The One Show. She is the latest companion for one of our regular customers and her wonderful daughter with autism. We worked extra hard to get all the details right on Pascha.

Roxy a beautiful Parsons Russell Terrier

Four Dogs and a Head - Roxy The Parsons Russell Terrier

Roxy was a bundle of muscle white with scruffy hair mostly white but with brown patches both sides of her face and ears. She had a lot of different colour variations and we had to really think about the details and patch work that was needed.

Chester a Show Cocker Spaniel

Four Dogs and a Head - Chester The Show Cocker Spaniel

Chester is a silky black Show Cocker Spaniel. We made sure he was extra fluffy and was great fun to work on.

Bumble the happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Four Dogs and a Head - Bumble Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Well this one was crazy fun to make. Lots of skin spots and a black patch over his left eye. These were very tricky but we are extremely happy with the end result.

Lastly, Barney the Bichon Frise

Four Dogs and a Head - Barney the Bichon Frise

Just a head with this one but what a huge fluffy one at that. It was getting fluffier and fluffier every time we added to him. He is going to travel the world with the young lady who will be his new owner.

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