Charlie the Labradoodle

Four more Pet Plushies - Charlie the Labradoodle

The gorgeous labradoodle, Charlie, was so much fun to make. I especially loved making his super soft and fluffy ears! His tail was quite a challenge, as it had to be fluffy but not too bushy. In the end, we love how Charlie turned out!

Murphy the Tibetan Terrier

Four more Pet Plushies - Murphy the Tibetan Terrier

Murphy was a really interesting plushy to make because of all his long, fluffy fur. Murphy’s owner was especially pleased with the plushy’s tail, and said it was spot on! We are so happy with how cute and cheeky plush Murphy looks.

Harvey the Wheaten Terrier

Four more Pet Plushies - Harvey the Wheaten Terrier

Our favourite part of this plushy is his gorgeous fluffy muzzle! Plushy Harvey turned out so cute, we were tempted to keep him! Laura especially loved making his gorgeous little face. Harvey looks so great and we think he is ace, let’s hope his new mum agrees.

Frankie the Pug

Four more Pet Plushies - Frankie the Pug

Frankie was certainly a challenge to make! All those gorgeously cute little folds of fur on his face were really difficult to replicate, but we think we did ok! Little Frankie plush has been one of our favourite pugs, and his curly tail is so cute.

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