Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven with these creations that have captivated our hearts over the past couple of weeks. Each one brought their own challenge. From dog heads to a cat what a treat we had creating these. The feedback that we have been getting from all our customers has been amazing. We have been trying to get these orders done as quickly as possible but we will not compromise on quality and  our customers have been over the moon with their Pet Plush orders. We thank them so much for their patience.

Furry Yarn Delights

At Lovingly Handmade Crochet we had to use the most amazing yarns and added these to create features to the faces of the dogs and cats. As we do not make as many cats as dogs we loved creating Bouncer who was a lot of fun. We even managed to add whiskers to the Pet Plush. We hope that you enjoy these and get your own version today!!!!!

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