More Creations Over Easter

The week is coming to an end and we have more creations over Easter. Here at Lovingly Handmade Crochet HQ we have been busy getting orders ready. All these are bespoke and made to order. We have four lovely Pet Plushies with a couple of beautiful Cocker Spaniels.

Luna the tanned Dachshund

More Creations Over Easter - Dachshund

Luna was great fun to make. We love making these as they are so small and cute. They have super tiny legs and paws. I think overall we captured the personalty of this dog brilliantly.

Kaiser the black Cocker Spaniel

More Creations Over Easter - Cocker Spaniel

Another Cocker Spaniel and a beautiful one at that. Kaiser has a gorgeous white patch on his chest and has a great personality as you can see from his sparkling eyes.

Dave a handsome French Bulldog

More Creations Over Easter - French Bulldog

Well what can you say about Dave. We have actually got to make three of him so that is a challenge in itself. The lady had previously ordered six different plushies so we must be doing something correct!!!

William the Working Cocker Spaniel

More Creations Over Easter - Working Cocker Spaniel

William is just stunning. The yarns we used for his ears came out amazingly. We were very excited to show him off to his new owner.

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