Seven New Pet Plushies

Some new breeds again this week. We are trying as hard as we can to get these done for our customers but still strive to keep the quality to the highest standard. It is never easy to create one of our Pet Plush’s especially when a beloved pet is ill or has just passed away. We hope you can find the time to look at these and enjoy them as much as we did making them.

Duke the Tri coloured Cocker Spaniel

Seven New Pet Plushies - Duke the Tri Coloured Cocker Spaniel

A beautiful fluffy masterpiece is Duke. We loved making this from the little dots above his eyes to his cuddly belly.

Bonnie a cuddly Cockapoo

Seven New Pet Plushies - Bonnie the Cockapoo

Bonnie has a White patch under the neck, We used a lovely yarn for this to give it a unique feel.

Phoebe a Catahoula Mix Bull Arab

Seven New Pet Plushies - Phoebe the Catahoula Mix Bull Arab

Phoebe has colouring all over and had just given birth so we had to make some special features for her.

Molly a fluffy Cockapoo

Seven New Pet Plushies - Molly the Cockapoo

Grey and black with a fluffy cuddly yarn gives this Cockapoo a snuggly feel.

Gus the Staffy Cross Mongrel

Seven New Pet Plushies - Gus the Staffy Mongrel Cross

Gus has loads of personality. A strong looking crocheted Mongrel.
Lean shape, Medium sized dog with his tail up. Gus is a very golden/tanned dog with black/dark brown patterns on his face and ears.

Gem the SHar Pei Cross

Seven New Pet Plushies - Gem the Shar Pei Cross

Gem’s left ear had the tip surgically removed but it stands straight up. Her right ear folds over forwards.

Wonderful Springer Spaniel

Seven New Pet Plushies - Springer Spaniel

This one was real cute. Mostly white with liver patches. White legs and a white long tail with liver colour ears.

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