The New Seven Wonders are up this week

It has been a busy week here at the Lovingly Handmade Crochet HQ creating The New Seven Wonders. Well we have not stopped and are still working away through our back log. This week has seen us  manage to get through seven dogs from Shitzu’s to Cocker Spaniels. We had them all this week. It took a lot of concentration to get these done but we are very proud of these. We even had a head order to complete for a lovely Yorkshire Terrier. It is our first head in a while so we are always happy when we get something different.

Yarns and tons of stuffing!!!!

So many yarns and stuffing were used in creating these fluffy Pet Plushies and we have no time to rest as we are at it again this week with another lot. Check below for these seven cuties.

Boyd the Poodle

The New Seven Wonders - Poodle

Boyd was such fun to make. He was our first Poodle and we loved creating him. He is referred to as having blue hair and I think we matched the overall colour perfectly. What you think?

Daisy the Shitzu

The New Seven Wonders - Shitzu

Daisy is a cute little Shitzu. It is our second one this week and its amazing how different they look.

Another Cute Shitzu

The New Seven Wonders - Shitzu

A ready brown with white Shitzu. He has a very cute moustache which was absolutely brilliant. We can not stop looking at this creation.

Keela the Orange Roan Cocker Spaniel

The New Seven Wonders - Orange Roan Cocker Spaniel

Leela was a pleasure to make. We just loved adding the extra features and I personally am really happy with her ears which stand out.

Black and White Roan Cocker Spaniel

The New Seven Wonders - Black and White Roan Cocker Spaniel

A wonderful Black and White Roan Cocker Spaniel. A furry cuddly masterpiece.

Poppy the Havanese

The New Seven Wonders - Havanese

This is our first try at a Havanese and we are pleased with the final creation.

Rocky the Yorkshire Terrier

The New Seven Wonders - Yorkshire Terrier

Rocky was our first head in a while so we are pleased to get this one.

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