Three Beauties

It has been a real busy time over Easter. We have still managed to get these three beauties created. Toffee, Watson and Bobby gave us plenty to keep us occupied instead of munching on eggs. We also have about another 15 dogs on the go and a horse so busy times ahead. Each customer and dog are different, each bringing their own personality so we try our best to create the perfect Pet Plush.

We are always looking at ways to improve and add features to our Plushies. We are happy that our clients give us such great responses and it warms our hearts to hear from them and to know that our creations are bringing love and warmth to them. Having lost two pets we know how important it is for our creations to be spot on. We have recently even had a parrot request which will be an amazing challenge for us to complete.

Meet Watson the Australian Miniature Labradoodle

Australian min Labradoodle - Three Beauties

This was a challenge as we had to make some special features including a pink lip. We loved creating this with all its fluffy details. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Bobby the Black Labrador

Black Labrador - Three Beauties

A beautiful Black labrador called Bobby. We created this with some wonderfully soft yarn to give a warm silky feel.

Toffee a fluffy Jack Russell Cross

Jack Russell Cross - Three Beauties

Toffee was a real cutie. A lovely little pink nose and stunning warm eyes. This is a must to pick up and cuddle.

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