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Each Pawfect Memories plush preserves precious memories of the love you have with your furry family member,  so what are you waiting for? Order yours today! 

Here at Lovingly Handmade Crochet, we handcraft personalised plush replicas of any pet. We want to create unique and tangible pet keepsakes for the most loving and devoted family members you can have – your pet! We create bespoke cuddly toy versions of your animals for fellow pet lovers, with options to suit any budget with our 0% payment plans. We offer a variety of different plush types in our Pawfect Memories range to suit everyone. Each Pawfect Memories pet is a bespokely crafted one-off… just like your pet! Each one is handmade from yarns to it’s own unique pattern. We also offer unique commemorative plushies for those experiencing the heart-breaking loss of a pet. After suffering our own loss of two furbabies, we wanted to offer something that will truly bring comfort to grieving pet owners. We are a dedicated husband and wife team, striving to create tangible representations of the special bond and love between a pet and owner. Lovingly Handmade Crochet are a small, friendly family business devoted to pets and all they do for us! Grab your very own unique hand crafted Pawfect Memories plush now!

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So which Pawfect Memories plush is right for you?
  • The standard plush is our starting point for a full body plush at just £165. That is the normal 8-12” replica we make. This will be full sized, with all the character and look of your beloved pet.
  • We also offer a special keepsake version. This is £195. This option has a secret pouch on the belly which you can put either a small amount of ashes or fur, or just keep photographs. This also comes with a special handmade collar with the pets name and a memorial tag, and a poem. 
  • Finally we offer memorial plushies which include your pets ashes after cremation and begin at £200. They are guaranteed to be made within 7 days of receipt of your pets ashes. These also come with the collar and poem and are obviously bigger than the standard plush size as it would be created specifically around the ashes, with other parts scaled to the containing body accordingly.
These not what you’re looking for?

We also make individual Pawfect Memories plushies of your pet’s head – the cutest bit! These are priced at just £40-£65 depending on their size and offer an extremely affordable way to own your very own Pawfect Memories replica!

You could also create a custom order request if you’re looking for something unusual and would like to speak with us to discuss your requirements. 

I want to order! What next?

 Place your order and upload your photographs then we will make a gorgeous forever version of them from the finest yarns. No pet is too big or small, from all breeds of dogs and cats or even horses and parrots… we love making them all!

With over 350 creations made so far please browse through our gallery page to see more of our creations and grab your own beloved Pawfect Memories Plush today in our shop!

What our customers say

Completely over the moon with our plush version of Maddy, who we sadly lost in September. This was a gift for my mother – and it was so gratefully received! The amount of detail Lovingly Handmade put into their products is amazing, it really is such a likeness and brought a tear to everyone’s eye! Also Laura is a lovely lady who is wonderful to correspond with, she and Riccardo really take pride in what they do – anyone thinking about going with Lovingly Handmade Crochet, please don’t hesitate.

Losing Maddy has been so hard as we had her for 14 years – so little things like this just help make the grieving process so much easier. xxx – Megan

Double Pawfection!